Support Our Work

Support Our Work

Scientific excellence and compassion drive progress at the Emory Eye Center. As one of the nation’s top-ranking eye care, education, and research facilities, the center offers high-quality, patient-centered care for the most complex eye diseases and disorders. Our physicians and researchers are leaders in discovery, taking ideas from the lab and translating them into new approaches to vision care.

Today the Emory Eye Center remains at the forefront of vision research with investigators exploring research in the areas of macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, hereditary retinal disease, diseases of the cornea, children’s eye diseases, visual problems related to the nervous system, and oculoplastic surgery.

Emory’s leadership begins with the basic sciences, where innovative ideas are born, and continues through every phase of research. Philanthropy has made many innovations possible at Emory, and opportunities to advance eye research have never been better.

Friends and grateful patients who want to promote discovery at the Emory Eye Center can make a significant contribution by supporting the research program.

Ways to support Vision Research at the Emory Eye Center:


By making an unrestricted gift each year, you help the Emory Eye Center respond to research opportunities as they arise. Ongoing annual gifts of all sizes provide a foundation for excellence in vision research at the Emory Eye Center.


Gifts to name endowments for vision research at the Emory Eye Center provide lasting support for innovative work. Named endowment gifts are invested, and a portion of the return on the investment funds research efforts.


From bequests and charitable trusts to gifts of real estate and stock, planned giving strategies help ensure the future of the Emory Eye Center and can result in favorable tax benefits for donors.


Thousands of companies have matching gift programs, which can leverage your support for the Emory Eye Center. We encourage you to check with your company’s human resources department to see whether your gift is eligible for a match.